Nice to meet you…

What am I? A graphic designer? A photographer? An artist? Well, maybe.

After a career as a graphic designer/art director, I now spend my time concentrating on my personal photography. I've always taken photographs and photography is an inherent part of the graphics world. However, I can now create work that satisfies my personal journey as an image-maker. As you'll see from this site, I am inspired by just about every aspect of photography and I use this work as the starting point for developing graphic imagery that eventually comes to life through screen printing and the publishing of limited edition sets of these prints. This gives a new life to my photographs and allows me to continue to explore and develop my particular view of the visual world.

As for drawing, well I've always drawn and for the last 15 years I have concentrated on life drawing – capturing the 3D human form in two dimensions. Like many artists, I consider this to be the ultimate test of one's abilities, not only in the act of drawing but also in the important discipline of seeing.

Bringing my work to you through this website it is my hope that you like my view of the visual world and that you might wish to share in it by becoming a patron and a collector.

Thanks for stopping by and please enjoy the visit!